The Twistor2™ Lap

Twistor2 cutting and polishing lap

The Twistor™ is back with a next generation cutting lap experience.

The Twistor™ was a useful prepolishing lap, but the available manufacturing methods did not make the lap feasible to continue in production.

Adamas has brought this lap out again with more uses: Cutting and prepolishing friable gem materials without chipping, prepolishing Emerald without filling cracks with debris, and cutting and prepolishing soft materials.

Materials that you would normally facet and prepolish on a diamond charged metal lap can be faceted and prepolished as one step. Think Tanzanite.

The Twistor2™ has double the diamond concentration of the original Twistor. This means the laps stays sharp longer before redressing and facets prepolish more quickly.

You can also use these laps in both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation without redressing, unlike some hobby laps.

Every 20 cm. lap has a resin-bonded diamond layer 70 mm. wide, 3 mm. thick bonded to a steel alloy plate.

All laps have been trued and dynamically balanced.

Adamas recommends a rotational speed of 200-1000 rpms with light pressure. The lower threshold provides higher stock removal and the higher threshold provides higher surface finishes.

Add just a couple drops of dishwashing liquid to a full drip tank to reduce swarf loading and improve surface finish.

To maintain a sufficient grinding ratio, you occasionally dress the lap surface with a special aluminum oxide dressing stick, which Adamas sells.

Please note that these industrial diamond laps have a greater height, 15 mm.

The additional thickness prevents warping and dishing and allows sufficient depth for drilled dynamic balancing holes without drilling into the sintered layer.

This product can only be manufactured by hot pressing in a graphite mould, so there may be dark surface spots as a result. This has zero effect on the performance of the lap.

You can read care advice on the Twistor2 here.

Specifications for the 20 cm. lap:
Overall Depth: 15 mm.
Weight: 6.6 Lbs. (3 kg.)
Arbor: 1/2" (12.7 mm.) ID arbor standard

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