Oxide Battstiks

Adamas sells Gearloose Lapidary Battstiks. The founder of Adamas, Tom Smith, invented the Zirconium Oxide and Skyway Battstiks.

Battstiks are composed of a fine oxide polishing powder mixed with a water soluable wax-like material. In use, that translates to less mess and less opportunities for facet scratching.

Zirconium Oxide works well as a polishing agent for both crystalline and amorphous silicas, such as amethyst, citrine, opal, and moldavite.

The Skyway Stik works well as a polishing agent for silicate gem stones between 6 1/2 and 8 Mohs hardness. Use for a fine polish on morganite, heliodor, emerald, beryl, aquamarine and tanzanite. The Skyway stik is also easier to remove from fissures in emerald than chromium oxide.

Adamas no longer sells the Chromium Oxide Battstik due to cell absorption of Cr3O2 submicron and nanoparticles and unknown health consequences.

You can use Battstiks on the corresponding Gearloose oxide lap, or on any metal alloy or polymer composite lap at low speeds to retain lap slurry.